Sr Processes and organizational innovation for small businesses


Dynamic capabilities to innovate can be acquired regardless of the size of a company, but this requires that users participating in innovation processes be identified (value proposition segments) and the way organizations interact with these users be understood (processes). Small businesses can innovate with fewer financial and human resources using Customer Discovery, environment scanning, immersion, customer journey mapping, Customer Validation with validation of ideas and solutions in dynamic group sessions, Gamification, Design Thinking and prototyping workshops. The methodology used herein is that of literature review in the areas of process, products and dynamic capabilities innovation of companies. The objective of this research is to explore innovative processes that take into account and involve greater user collaboration that small businesses can exploit, which are targeted at the end user. Innovation does not have to be uncertain or expensive and can be developed through organizational innovation and innovation of collaborative processes with users.


  • joaquim jose carvalho proença universitat politecnica valencia
  • Fernando Jiménez Sáez


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carvalho proença, joaquim, & Jiménez Sáez, F. (2019). Sr Processes and organizational innovation for small businesses. Cuadernos De Administración, 34(62), 82-93.