Vol. 36 No. 68 (2020)

Published: 2021-02-13


Carlos Hernán González-Campo
  • Pages : 1-2 |

Developing Boyacá’s traditional soups as frozen, vacuum-packed products

Sandra Patricia Cote Daza, Jesús Alexis Barón Chivara, Diana Cristina Moncayo Martínez
  • Pages : 3-13 |

Territorial Governance: A Bibliometric Analysis

Edwin Arango Espinal, Raquel Ceballos Molano, Lida Valentina Patiño Giraldo
  • Pages : 14-27 |

University reports in Colombia: a contribution to accountability

Daniel Ceballos-García, Catherine Calad-Arias, Jaime Andrés Correa-García
  • Pages : 28-43 |

The service quality assessment in the banking services context

Juan Carlos Mayo Alegre, Néstor Alberto Loredo Carballo, Luis Carlos Fernández Cobas, Eriberto Bauzá Vázquez
  • Pages : 58-70 |

Performance appraisal: an experience between recognition and contempt

Sergio René Oquendo Puerta, Héctor Leonel Bermudez Restrepo
  • Pages : 71-81 |

Update of the strategic framework for the Spanish port system using a SWOT analysis

Jorge Bautista Mendo, Alberto Camarero Orive, Nicoletta González-Cancelas, Beatriz Molina Serrano
  • Pages : 96-111 |

Correlating Affective Commitment with Prosocial Behavior: Does Perceived Meaningfulness at Work Matter?

Orlando Enrique Contreras-Pacheco, Carlos Enrique Vecino-Arenas, Juan Camilo Lesmez-Peralta
  • Pages : 112-125 |

Work absence, remuneration, and equity: a confused relationship

Maria Margarita Chiang Vega, Ángela Abigail Fuentes de la Fuente, Juan Pablo Hidalgo Ortiz
  • Pages : 126-137 |

The role of family dynamics and culture in the psychological ownership of family shareholders in family businesses

María Piedad López Vergara, Isabel C. Botero Laverde, Diógenes Lagos Cortés
  • Pages : 138-151 |

Social commitment in organizations: a look at Universidad del Valle

Henry Alberto Mosquera Abadía, Venus Flor Marina Carvajal-Ordoñez
  • Pages : 166-195 |

Current challenges of social function of accounting

Jaime Arturo Castrillón Cifuentes, Elvira De León Cuesta
  • Pages : 176-189 |

Sustainable entrepreneurship in Colombia: strengths and opportunities

Angela Yinet Camargo Calderón, Luisa Fernanda Latorre Carrillo, Jennifer Lorena Gómez Contreras
  • Pages : 190-203 |

Institucional isomorphism in IPSAS adoption

Carlos Augusto Rincón-Soto, Mauricio Gómez Villegas
  • Pages : 204-218 |