Cuadernos de Administración 2022-05-12T10:16:25-05:00 Revista Cuadernos de Administración Open Journal Systems <p>The <strong><em>Cuadernos de Administración</em></strong> journal is the official publication by the Universidad del Valle's Faculty of Administration Sciences. It is edited and published every 4 months and its main objective is the dissemination of research documents in the areas of administration and organizations, accounting, economics and international trade, marketing, and public policy. Since 1976, it has promoted research in its fields of study by publishing high quality papers and setting up a space of international visibility for authors.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> State of the art on organizational longevity: a systematic literature review 2021-09-02T16:01:50-05:00 Andrés Alberto Arias Pineda <p>Low business longevity is a worldwide phenomenon afflicting multiple organizations that operate in disparate economic conditions, across various industrial processes, different in size and disparate cultural environments. The opening and internationalization of the economy, as well as the problems associated with the environmental crisis, exacerbate this situation. The ability to adapt and strategic renewal of organizations thus become a fundamental capability to survive in times of globalization and competitiveness. The paper’s objective is to present the state of the art of organizational longevity based on a Systematic Literature Review in two databases (WOS and Scopus) with the help of two software specialized in bibliometric analysis and scientific mapping (Bibliometrix and VOSviewer). Organizational longevity is a growing and consolidating field since it addresses a core problem within management, economics, and the social sciences in general: survival. A trend starts to emerge, which hints at connections between the longevity of organizations and the corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices that they engage in. </p> 2022-05-12T00:00:00-05:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Cuadernos de Administración Analysis of advertising jingles from the ‘80s and ‘90s through affective computing 2021-11-09T16:21:06-05:00 Gabriel Elías Chanchí Golondrino Manuel Alejandro Ospina Alarcón Martín Emilio Monroy Ríos <p><br />One of the most widespread media in the field of marketing for promoting products, services, and brands is advertising jingles; they are advertising messages made into songs. Their lyrics and music have been created to promote an advertisement or campaign. Thus, advertising jingles benefit from the advantages provided by music to generate positive emotions in potential customers, in addition to the ability to remember a product or brand. Given the few works that focus on the musical and emotional study of advertising jingles, this article explores the advantages provided by affective computing for the study of the emotionality of the music in a set of popular advertising jingles from the ‘80s and ‘90s, considering the acoustic properties of excitation and valence. A tool, called ANEMA (Analyzer of Emotions in Advertising Jingles), was developed to achieve this; it allows the segmentation of an audio track into different fragments where the acoustic properties of arousal and valence are extracted. This in turn allows determining the emotion associated with each fragment within the circumflex model or Russell´s five emotions model (happiness, excitement, anger, sadness, and relaxation) using the trigonometric relationship of acoustic properties. This study aims at serving as a reference regarding the design and evaluation of musical content associated with advertising jingles to stimulate the development of specific emotions in potential clients.</p> 2022-05-12T00:00:00-05:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Cuadernos de Administración