Cuadernos de Administración <p>The <em><strong>Cuadernos de Administración</strong></em> journal is the official publication by the Universidad del Valle's Management Sciences Faculty. It is edited and published every 4 months. The journal publishes original papers and review and discussion articles in the areas of management and organizations, accounting, economics and international trade, marketing, and public policy. Since 1976, the journal aims to promote research in such fields of study by publishing high quality papers and setting up a space of international visibility for authors.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> en-US (Revista Cuadernos de Administración) (Revista Cuadernos de Administración) Thu, 08 Sep 2022 00:00:00 -0500 OJS 60 Consumption habits and electronic commerce in Lima millennials - COVID-19/2021 pandemic <p>Worldwide, and specifically in Peru because of the Covid-19 pandemic, different types of human behavior have been modified due to quarantines imposed by the government. This meant a strict change in the modality in which consumers acquired products or services. Lima millennials represent 32.1% of the population. They had to adapt their consumption habits to the novelties imposed by electronic commerce. This is how, as of 2021, electronic commerce became relevant in face of restrictions on the movement of people. Therefore, from the point of view of this study, the objective of the investigation considers “determining if consumption habits are related to electronic commerce in Lima millennials - Covid-19/2021 pandemic”. Regarding the methodology, the non-experimental design was implemented, a cross-sectional study with a quantitative approach, and correlational descriptive scope. The sample was probabilistically calculated through the formula for finite population proportions with a result of 384 people between 23 and 37 years old (millennials). For obtaining the data, the survey was used as a technique, as well as a questionnaire as an instrument made up of 28 items for both variables. For data processing in the inferential environment according to the normality test, Spearman’s Rho statistician was used, finding positive correlations. About the general hypothesis, the correlation was (r = 0,371) indicating that the relationship is positive, concluding that consumption habits are significantly related to electronic commerce in Lima millennials - Covid-19/2021 pandemic.<br /><br /><br /></p> Vanessa Estefanía Angulo Espinoza, Patricia del Pilar Mongrut Tello, Ana Cecilia Napán Yactayo Copyright (c) 2022 Cuadernos de Administración Thu, 08 Sep 2022 00:00:00 -0500 Mission, Vision, and Value Appropriation: A Correlational Analysis <p>The present study discusses the effective functionality of mission and vision statements in a business environment. In this spirit, the study evaluates the potential association between these two strategic elements and the achievement of organizational results, especially in terms of the competitive capacity of a company. Particularly, the study formulates a conceptual approach to determine the potential incidence of a mission and a vision statement’s quality on the organizational levels of value appropriation. Subsequently, using structural equation modeling through partial least squares, this approach is evaluated on a sample of 120 large companies registered in the Department of Santander, Colombia. The findings suggest that, although there is a positive association between a good mission and a good vision, the value appropriation only seems to depend on the former and not on the latter. The study validates that an adequately constructed mission statement could become a powerful mechanism for the sake of formulating and implementing strategies. Additionally, it states that the ability to build a quality mission is related to the company’s ability to create appropriate value and therefore, be competitive.</p> Orlando E. Contreras-Pacheco, Alejandra Pirazán Parra, Maira Villarreal Pinzón Copyright (c) 2022 Cuadernos de Administración Tue, 04 Oct 2022 00:00:00 -0500 Emotional Labor in the Service Sector: The Role of Organizational Commitment <p>This research examines the Organizational Commitment (OC) levels and emotional labor (levels) (EL) of employees in the service sector and to determine whether there is a significant relationship between these variables, to identify which dimensions of OC affect which dimensions of EL if there is a significant relationship, and to determine whether EL varies statistically according to demographic factors. For this purpose; a survey has been carried out in Zonguldak province in Türkiye and the data were obtained by a face-to-face survey method of 433 workers actively working in the service sector. These data have been tested with reliability, correlation, simple linear regression, multiple variance analysis, independent sample T-test and one-way variance analysis. Because of the reliability analysis carried out, it has been determined that the scales used in the research have high internal consistency. The correlation analysis indicates a moderate and positive relationship between the normative and emotional commitment dimensions of EL and OC. Because of simple linear regression analyses; it has been determined that the 1-unit increase in emotional commitment caused an increase of 0.693 units on EL and a 1-unit increase in normative commitment caused an increase of 0.959 units on EL.</p> Hasan Tezcan Uysal, Fatma Yılmaz Copyright (c) 2023 Cuadernos de Administración Sat, 21 Jan 2023 00:00:00 -0500