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Authors investigation airned to develop a management model based on balanced scorecard, to improve the quality and increase the postgraduate system performance, in the seven nucleus of the Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho (UGMA) uruversity. The investigation revealed that the PostgraduateUGMA doesn't have a performance management system that allows to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the same. The research design is exploratory and field type. Questionnaires were applied to the sample formed of facilitators,administrative Staff and Graduate Students of the UGMA Nucleus to detennine performance levels of the postgraduate. The results show that the variables qua lit y and performance of the postgraduate are located in the average levels of 3.69 and 4.15, in the Likert scale of 1 to 5. The data obtained aUows to conclude that it 

is necessary to establish in the postgraduate a performance management model to continuously improve the same, with value added. We designed a performance management model based on the Balanced Scorecard approach, Which allows to translate the postgraduate strategy in operational terms in a continuous improvement process.




Fanny Gómez

Licenciada en Administración de Empresas. y Maestría en Ciencias Gerenciales-Mención Recursos Humanos. Acatualmente Profesora Agregada de Pre y Postgrado área Gerencial en la Universidad Gran Mariscal

José Luís GiI-Zambrano

Licenciado en Física. Ph.D Imperial College of Science and Technology. London University. Diploma of Imperial Collage (DIC). Profesor Titular Jubilado universidad de Oriente. Actualmente Decano de Posgrados, Universidad Gran Mariscal
Gómez, F., & GiI-Zambrano, J. L. (2007). UGMA POSTGRADUATE SYSTEM MANAGEMENT MODEL BASED ON BALANCED SCOREDCAR. Cuadernos De Administración, 23(38), 87–94.