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The intrusion of management as major referenceof the functioning of our societies, raises thequestion on the de-institutionalization of theinstitution and, as reflection, that of theinstitutionalization of the organization, in a dualevolutionary perspective and directed asunavoidable. The modalities of businessmanagement are placed in effect between theinstitutionalization (caused by the generalization of their practices in the “corporate purposes”)and the institutional frame that surrounds them,and understood in their extension in terms ofgovernance. This ambiguity is tied to the vaguedefinition of the institution and the organizationand to their reciprocally problematic location. Thegeneral hypothesis of this text will be theorthogonality (and not the opposition) between“institution” and “organization”. It will bereasoned generally from the point of differencesand not from the opposition of both terms basedon three arguments: a political argument, atheoretical argument and an epistemologicalargument.

Yvon Pesqueux

Profesor titular de la Cátedra «Desarrollo de Sistemas de Organización» Conservatorio Nacional de Artes y Oficios - CNAM (Francia)
Pesqueux, Y. (2009). Institution & organisation. Cuadernos De Administración, 25(41), 9–25.