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This paper has as the objective to analyze the evolution and dynamic concept of democracy asan argument of legitimacy of government action.It begins with the analysis of the model of democracy sustained in the values of the politicaland economic liberalism as a form of politicalorganization capable to equilibrate individualaspirations. The Republican model of democracyis centered in the construction of a public spacefor citizenship participation. Citizenshipparticipation is limited exercised through of arepresentative democracy or plenty in theparticipative democracy. Among dysfunctionalof democratic exercise it is analyzed the delegative democracy and the limited scope that has hadthe social democracy. Finally it is concluded withthe emergency of post national posdemocracywhich stretches the ties between the ideology offree market which leads to the neoliberal politicaleconomy and liberal democracy. Thisposdemocracy manifests as a transnationaleconomic democracy which promotes free marketand the neoliberal and postmodern values atglobal and cosmopolitan scale, to justify theadvancement of economic globalization processes.

José Vargas Hernández

Profesor Investigador miembro del Sistema Nacional de Investigadores. Departamento de Mercadotecnia y Negocios Internacionales. Centro Universitario de Ciencias Económico Administrativas Universidad de Guadalajara
Vargas Hernández, J. (2009). From the government for the people to the economic transnational, global and cosmopolitan postdemocracy. Cuadernos De Administración, 25(41), 39–55.