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The medical Cannabis industry has experienced significant growth in recent years thanks to changes in the legislation of many countries. Latin America has been no stranger to these dynamics. Therefore, it is interesting to study the progress made in this industry, and investigation of the impact may have on the competitiveness in the production and processing of this plant. This article aims to identify and analyze the salient aspects of the use and development of technologies for the medical cannabis industry. There is a particular emphasis on the horticulture of the plant. To this end, the authors carried out a technological surveillance exercise. Technological surveillance is a systematic analysis of scientific and technical information to identify research and technological development trends. As a result, it was possible to focus on three areas: improving growing conditions, products related to cultivation, and improving genetics. These results contribute to describing the global technological panorama of medicinal Cannabis cultivation. Additionally, they are the basis for decision making in orienting the use of technologies of interest internationally and in considering the possibilities of diversification in this emerging industry in countries such as Colombia.


Oscar Javier Lotta Peña, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Researcher, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia, Political Scientist, Universidad del Rosario, Candidate for a Master’s Degree in Rural Management and Development, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Universidad Nacional de Colombia. 

Claudia Nelcy Jiménez Hernández, Universidad Nacional

Profesora Asociada, Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia,   Ingeniera química, Doctora en Ingeniería, Industria y Organizaciones, Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

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Received 2021-04-30
Accepted 2022-03-17
Published 2022-01-27