Impact of Open Innovation in Peruvian food firms

Javier Fernando Del Carpio Gallegos; Olha Mikhieieva
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Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management Dynamic Capabilities: The role of Knowledge Intensity

Claudia Inés Sepúlveda-Rivillas, Carlos Gilberto Restrepo-Ramírez, Juan Daniel Vélez Jaramillo
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Workplace mobbing experience at Antioquia companies between 2006 and 2019

Maryory Muñoz-Londoño, Diana C. Vélez Castro, Angélica M. López Velásquez
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Work-family conciliation, its effect on organizational commitment and job satisfaction in chilean municipalities

Maria Margarita Chiang Vega, María José Rivera Cerda, Juan Pablo Hidalgo Ortiz
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Sustainability marketing strategies of companies in Mexico

Maria G. Morales-González, Jannett Ayup-González, Pilar A. Huerta-Zavala
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Technological surveillance of medical Cannabis horticultural production

Oscar Javier Lotta Peña, Claudia Nelcy Jiménez Hernández
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Business Sustainability and financial performance

María Luisa Saavedra García
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