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Innovation is becoming more and more the main axis of the economies in the world and therefore timely solution of problems in companies and their contribution to the sustainable development of society. One of the first steps for its successful operation is to analyze the conditions that exist in the companies and the factors that affect them. The research aims to identify the factors that have an impact to adequately manage innovation in Cuban state-owned companies. A Bayesian Networks model was built to measure the efficiency of the process in various state companies in the province of Camagüey, belonging to strategic sectors of the country. The results show that among the factors with the greatest impact are: Leadership of innovation activities, Documentation or registration of processes and their results, Links of the organization with other entities. It is concluded that the tools of document, information and knowledge management, as factors, in their continuous interrelation, favor innovation management.

Sosa Pérez, N. de la C., Martínez López, Y., Garciandía Mirón, G., & Rivera López, M. E. (2024). Impact factors in innovation management. Vision from the state companies. Cuadernos De Administración, 40(78).
Received 2023-09-16
Accepted 2024-04-29
Published 2024-04-29