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This work seeks to approach understanding the behavior of Colombian consumers within the electronic environment. With this objective, three constructs were analyzed: purchase intention as dependent variable, and trust and perceived value as determining factors of the first. Within the theoretical framework, the conceptual bases of the constructs are presented from the general to the particular. Then, the hypotheses are established upon which the work is based, sustaining distinct relationships on the variables and an empirical research is designed for their confirmation. With the information gathered, a confirmatory factor analysis was carried out for the measurement instrument and, thereafter, a structural equation model was used to confirm the research model proposed. The results obtained permit asserting the direct effect of trust on the intention to purchase and indirect effect on the perceived value through the first. The work closes with the presentation of conclusions, implications, limitations, and future lines of research.

Nathalie Peña García

Profesional de Investigación, Grupo de Investigación en Marketing categoría A1 Colciencias, Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia.Máster en Marketing e Investigación de Mercados, Universitat de València, Valencia, España. Administradora de  empresas, Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia. 
Peña García, N. (2014). Perceived Value and Trust as Antecedents of the Intention to Purchase On-line: the Colombian Case. Cuadernos De Administración, 30(51), 15–24.