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Sophophobia* in management? The negativeeffects caused by economic dynamics and of thecurrent management practices; indicate theabsence of prudence in multiple dimensions ofcontemporary administration.

In order to help counter these disfunctions, thefirst part of this article exhorts readers to discoverthe wisdom inspired by aging, presenting severaladvantages of such approximation. The secondpart of the article, applies concrete evocations ofold age to approach organizational problems atdifferent levels: praxeological, epistemological,axiological, and ontological. For each one of thesedimensions, there is a section that discusses latentpathological deviations, and also proposes wiseexamples and reflections related to ageing, whichhopefully would enrich, in a creative manner, thetheories and practices of administration.

* Unpublished word that suggests ill-will or phobia to wisdom


Sergio Castrillón

Docente e Investigador de la Universidad EAFIT. Departamento de Negocios Internacionales. Escuela de Administración Ph.D. Administration. HEC-Montréal – Canada. Magister en Ciencias Políticas. Universidad de Antioquia. Master in Intercultural Management ICHEC-Bruxeles - Bélgica Administración de Negocios. EAFIT
Castrillón, S. (2011). Old age, wisdom and management. Cuadernos De Administración, 25(41), 93–118.