Vol. 35 No. 63 (2019)

Published: 2019-03-27


Carlos Hernán González-Campo
  • Pages : 1-2 |

Critical Success Factors in Implementing IT in MSMEs

Nestor Alberto Zapata Márquez, José Melchor Medina Quintero, Francisco Isaí Morales Sáenz, Demian Abrego Almazán
  • Pages : 3-14 |

Knowledge management from the organizational culture in call centers in Manizales

Carlos Eduardo Marulanda Echeverry, Oscar Mauricio Bedoya Restrepo, Andres Paolo Castaño Vélez
  • Pages : 15-25 |

Mud, value and welfare. An economic estimation of the impact in the Anchicayá river basin

Raúl Hernando Cortés, Alejandra Riascos López, William Antonio Idrobo
  • Pages : 42-54 |

Effect of trading on the profitability and solvency of colombian banks

Ramiro Hernán Carillo castro, Alina Gómez Mejía
  • Pages : 55-69 |

Real Returns of Private Pension Funds in Colombia

Flor Esther Salazar Guatibonza
  • Pages : 70-88 |