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This article shows a methodology and the results obtained from a multidisciplinary project between the University and Enterprise which encourages innovation. The University participated with its faculty members and students enrolled in the programs of industrial engineering and electronic engineering, and the Enterprise was a group of organic coffee farmers (called by its founders Asociación ACOC) located in the center of Valle del Cauca, Colombia Two hypotheses were formulated for the project. The first, multidisciplinary work produces better results in solving problems of small businesses because it considers the problem in a systemic way. The second, independent work from each field of study, once the technical problem has been identified, provides satisfactory results for the whole problem. The first hypothesis was verified and the second one, partially verified. We conclude that University-Enterprise relationships, with a multidisciplinary technological contribution, significantly improve the work of small businesses; the company must be actively involved so that the results endure over time and the systemic view of the problems strengthens the work of small businesses

Jaime Aguilar Zambrano

Doctor en Proyectos de Ingeniería e Innovación, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia en España, Master en Automática Universidad del Valle, Ingeniero Eléctrico Universidad del Valle de Colombia. Docente e investigador del Grupo GAR, Robótica y Automática de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Seccional Cali-Colombia

Eduardo Ruiz Anzola

Doctor en Gestión Industrial Universidad Politécnica de Valencia en España, Master MBA Universidad de Texas en USA, Ingeniero Químico Universidad Nacional de Colombia en Bogotá. Docente e investigador del Grupo Previsión y Pensamiento Estratégico, GIPREPES e Investigador del Grupo Generación de Valor Económico, GIGVE, Universidad del Valle, Colombia, Investigador Grupo Formas Sociales de Organización de la Producción, FSOP, Universidad Javeriana Cali, Colombia
Aguilar Zambrano, J., & Ruiz Anzola, E. (2009). Multidisciplinary Collaboration University-Industry in a Coffee Growing Enterprise of Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Cuadernos De Administración, 25(42), 124–140.