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There is no doubt that Inditex Group has had an impact on fashion retailers’ industry, with this company group being considered as one of the trendsetters in such industry. Based on that, the objective of paper is twofold: the first is to analyse the different levels of online engagement reached by the Inditex Group via social media, and the second is to analyse the main characteristics that cause the online participation reached, focusing in the online engagement that motivates giving a feedback. For this purpose, the Facebook pages of the eight retail brands of this group have been analysed. Results show that, in the context of fashion retailers’ industry, social media activity does not necessarily entail higher levels of stakeholder engagement. Furthermore, topics should be focused on new collections and tutorials or tips of beauty and fashion to engage stakeholders in commenting posts. Likewise, the content should be presented using diverse formats in order to provide complete and entertaining information. Finally, and regardless of the target segment, publications should be made during the week and outside of working hours.

Saraite-Sariene, L., Alonso-Cañadas, J., Galán-Valdivieso, F., & Gálvez-Rodríguez, M. del M. (2018). Using social media to enhance stakeholder engagement in the fashion industry: the case of Inditex. Cuadernos De Administración, 34(61).
Received 2018-04-08
Accepted 2018-09-13
Published 2018-05-15