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In the process of improving the editorial quality of the journal Cuadernos de Administración and the commitment to improve the dissemination and impact of the papers published therein, in 2018 we have made several decisions that we hope will bring about the expected achievements for the benefit of the community in general and for the authors who have been relying on our editorial process.
For this issue of the journal, after a double-blind evaluation process, six articles are published: four of them are research papers and two are reflection articles. The first paper is entitled “Incidence of Stakeholders in the social responsibility of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises of Santa Marta”, its orientation to studying the social responsibility in SMEs, and outlines some results on the reflection of the role of stakeholders in this type of companies in the city of Santa Marta, Colombia.
The title of the second article in this issue of the journal is “Ethics of Care and Communications in Crisis: Approaching two Southamerican experiences”, which presents the comparative results of two cases on communication strategies in times of crisis and their relationship with ethics.
The third paper “The organizations. Justice, trust and retaliatory attitude: a study in a company in the metal-mechanic sector” presents the results of an investigation with quantitative methods from the confirmation of three hypotheses from a survey with data of 188 employees, which examines the relationship of the same with the company in the organizational justice perspective.
“Strategic archetypes in Mexican metal-mechanical SMEs: differences in innovation and absorption capacity over their performance”, is the title of the fourth article of this issue, where the authors present the results of a non-transactional non-experimental research of correlational quantitative type, with data from 197 surveys conducted in SMEs in three regions of Mexico, to analyze the explanatory value of innovation and potential absorption capacity and conducted on the performance of the various strategic archetypes in small and medium entrepreneurs in the Mexican metal-mechanical industry.
In the fifth article of this issue of the Journal Cuadernos de Administración, the authors present the results of a research study with a qualitative, exploratory and descriptive approach, where they reflect on the practice of social responsibility in a case study on the Universidad del Valle, in one of its headquarters, for a given period of time.  The authors try to make educational institutions aware of their responsibility for the externalities they generate in their environment and their stakeholders.
The last article in this issue is entitled “Processes and Organizational Innovation for Small Businesses”, where the authors, through a review of the literature in the areas of process innovation, products and dynamic capabilities of companies, explore innovative processes that take into account and involve greater user collaboration that small companies can exploit and that are aimed at the end user.
These are the six articles that make up our 62nd edition, which stems  from the call made in 2018, which were selected after a rigorous peer review process. They relate to diverse perspectives framed in Management Sciences, and it is up to you, our readers, to judge the results thereof.
The Journal Cuadernos de Administración is not responsible for the content of published articles, it is the authors’, to whom we thank for ctrusting in our editorial process.

González-Campo, C. H. (2018). Editorial. Cuadernos De Administración, 34(62), 1–2.
Received 2018-12-13
Accepted 2019-03-27
Published 2018-12-13