Editorial v30n52

Raquel Ceballos Molano
  • Pages : 5-8 |

Proposal to design a business code of ethics based on kantian ethics

Florina Guadalupe Arredondo Trapero, Jorge De la Garza García, Lida Esperanza Villa Castaño
  • Pages : 9-19 |

Design of Expert System for Decision Making in Materials Purchasing

Carlos Alonso Torres Navarro, Javier Andrés Córdova Neira
  • Pages : 20-30 |

Bibliometric Analysis of the Field of Entrepreneur Formation

Viviana Virgen Ortiz, Carlos Eduardo Cobo Oliveros, Benjamin Betancourt Guerrero
  • Pages : 44-53 |

Work Satisfaction and Leadership Styles in Public and Private Education Institutions in Chile

maria margarita chiang vega, Nelly M. Gómez Fuentealba, Carlos M. Salazar Botello
  • Pages : 65-74 |

VAR IPP-IPC Model Simulation

Juan Pablo Perez Monsalve, Alfredo Trespalacios Carrasquilla
  • Pages : 84-93 |