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Upon starting a work experience, humans are subjected to a biographical adjustment of lesser or greater intensity. Examining this experience is an opportunity for specialists in management and human management.  This article seeks to reflect upon a framework to study the orientation stage of new workers joining the company. To do this, we turn to some theoretical resources of two different but complementary sociological approaches: socialization and individuation. It was found that management and human management favor one of these two sociological versions, but ignores the other. In fact, it confuses an administrative process like the general induction to the company with a highly complex sociological phenomenon: the social setting of the contemporary worker.


Héctor Leonel Bermudez Restrepo

Service de l’enseignement du management Chargé de cours Sociologìa de la empresa HEC Montréal
Bermudez Restrepo, H. L. (2012). Socialization or individuation? Two approaches to review the induction of new employees. Cuadernos De Administración, 28(48), 134–148.