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The 59th issue of the Cuadernos de Administración journal, after a process of assessment, selected 6 papers that will be at the academic community’s disposition. They are part of the papers published this year 2017 where we are implementing the most important changes in the history of the journal.
The first paper bears the title International markets entry strategy determinants: an exploratory study in Peru which proposes identifying determining factors in the strategies of entry into international markets as implemented by Peruvian businessmen. Exportations within the non-traditional sector are proposed among its findings.
The second paper is about a case study of a company from Colombia’s engineering sector from where an organizational culture model for innovation is proposed; its title being “Proposal of an organizational culture model for innovation”. Its conclusions include recommendations for an intervention within organization and improving innovation from creativity.
The third title “Management of technology valuation in plastic packages-producing companies of Bogotá, Colombia” is related with the topic of technology valuation in Colombian companies, where the low usage of these kinds of tools is identified within the management of companies and the usage limitations in the few companies that use them.
Technological capacity and knowledge acquiring as key factors for performance in Cali’s industrial sector’s SMEs is the fourth paper to be published in this number. This is an empirical study performed in 124 Colombian SMEs located in Cali (Valle del Cauca). The obtained results permit to conclude that information technologies directly have the capacity to increase organizational performance. Additionally, for the authors, the paper contributes to the theories of resources and capacities, and to dynamic capacity.
The fifth paper entitled “Practical application of the Lima happiness scale to workers of service companies in Barquisimeto, Venezuela” presents indicators that have the capacity of measuring the degree of happiness with a company from its employees’ perception.
Towards dialogical administration: a proposal from Gadamer’s thinking is the title of the last paper in this 59th issue, which proposes the need of dialogical administration capable of overcoming the fundamental pillars of instrumental-type traditional administration. For such a purpose a qualitative-documentary methodology is proposed and a hermeneutical method, aside from Gadamer’s thinking, in order to build a dialogical administration proposal where, according to the author, “the dialog is rescued from instrumentalization”.
As Editor I would like to thank all the authors of this issue of the Cuadernos de Administración journal for their contributions, and to our readers we hope that all the changes that we are carrying out as a journal enables a greater diffusion of the published knowledge, where its content is each author’s own responsibility.  

Gonzalez-Campo, C. H. (2017). Editorial. Cuadernos De Administración, 33(59), 1.