Carlos Hernán González-Campo
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Learning in the Regional Innovation Systems: An Agent Based Model

Santiago Quintero Ramirez, Walter Lugo Ruiz Castañeda, Jorge Robledo Velásquez
  • 292

Service quality and users’ satisfaction assessment in the health context in Mexico

Idolina Bernal González, Norma Angélica Pedraza Melo, Jesús Lavín Verástegui, Gabriela Monforte García
  • 305

Job satisfaction of Chilean workers. A model of structural equations

Maria Margarita Chiang Vega, Nelly Margot Gómez Fuetealba, Juan Pablo Hidalgo Ortiz
  • 364

The use of interactive and diagnostic control systems in the management of an undergraduate course

Cristian Dal Magro Dal Magro, Jaime Dagostim Picolo, Carlos Eduardo Facin Lavarda
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