Product diversification and internationalization of Mexican companies

Antonio Galván Vera, Francisco García Fernández, Jesús Gerardo Delgado Rivas
  • Pages : e2010682 |

Accounting research groups and their characteristics according to the model of the Ministry of Science and Technology as 2019 in Colombia

Ruth Alejandra Patiño-Jacinto, Juan Carlos Lezama Palomino, Samuel David Burgos Rolón, Gloria Milena Valero Zapata, Hugo A. Macías-Cardona
  • Pages : e2110704 |

Quality of life at work and sociodemographic aspects in workers reinstated in a Rapid Transit Bus company

Ana Milena Galarza Iglesias, Lessby Gómez Salazar, Cecilia Andrea Ordóñez Hernández
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Tourism Jobs and Quality of Work-Life. A Perception from the Hotel Industry Workers

Karla Isabel Domínguez Albiter, Elva Esther Vargas Martínez, Lilia Zizumbo Villarreal, Judith Alejandra Velázquez Castro
  • Pages : e2310718 |

A look at the labor inclusion processes of ex-combatants to business dynamics

Sandra Milena Ortiz Silva, Milena Quintero Salgado, Francisco Eladio Restrepo Escobar
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