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our job intend to know the state in which the studies about the identity they are found and the culture in the LatinArnerica, to know as have been treaties both themes and the way as them have undertaken the intellectual Latin-Americans. To reach our objective one, we want to analyze the studies found, considering for it, four aspects: 1. Revision ofthe literature published and fountains bibliography of reference. 2. Perspectives and foci utilized 3. Applied Methodology and 4.Results reached. At the same time, are going to study the context of the organizations of America Latin. The notion of identity and culture are disputed and complex, but at the same time, these they are rich in its dimension socio-cultural and organizational, upon which little has worked itself. However, we should recognize that one of the problems ofthe authors of studies carríed out is the ambiguity conceptual of both notions, In this sense, we have found frequently that both terms are taken like synonyms or sorne times the identity is ignored as such or confused like attríbute of the object of study of the culture. Thus therefore, we see that both have be en worked with superficiality in the majority ofthe jobs, and far from contributing there they are superficiality their conception and inferences. This last, given that is inferred taking the easy road, responding alone to a fashion in the field, of something that truly would be able to contribute significantly to the comprehension of the organizations in Latin America.

Consuelo García de la Torre

Doctora en Administración (Ecole de Hautes Erudes Cornmerciales, HEC de Universite de Montréal, Canadá). Investigadora en áreascomo modelos de administración y gestión en Amen ca Latina. gestión social. mercadotecnia social, consumidor y desarroUo de gobiernoslocales. Perú
García de la Torre, C. (2007). STUDlES ON THE IDENTIlY AND CULTURE IN ORGANIZATIONS IN LATIN AMERICA. Cuadernos De Administración, 23(38), 21–51.