Analysis of advertising jingles from the ‘80s and ‘90s through affective computing

Gabriel Elías Chanchí Golondrino, Manuel Alejandro Ospina Alarcón, Martín Emilio Monroy Ríos
  • Pages : e2011153 |

Taxonomy of Material handling equipment selection methods at distribution centers

Rafael Guillermo García-Cáceres, Germán Guillermo Torres-Hernández, Arnoldo Emilio  Delgado-Tobón
  • Pages : e2111679 |

Value co-creation and its impact on organizational performance: the case of the amateur football clubs of Antioquia football league of Colombia

Jorge Iván Brand Ortiz, Darío José Espinal Ruíz, Mathieu Winand, Claudia Fernanda Rojas Nuñez
  • Pages : e2211051 |

Working conditions and burnout in personnel of a Mexican government agency

Enrique Fuentes Flores; Christian Enrique Cruz Torres, Luis Felipe García y Barragán
  • Pages : e2311069 |

Learning about the circular economy in rural communities of Cauca

Gehovell J. Vidal Pinilla, Yanlika A. Vidal Pinilla
  • Pages : e2411360 |

Tax incentives and financial performance: empirical evidence of Ecuadorian companies

Fernando Córdova-León, Gabriela Duque-Espinoza, Juan Carlos Aguirre-Quezada, Adrián Sigüencia-Muñoz
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Wage Discrimination by Gender of South American Immigrants in the US Labour Market

Elsy L. Rosero-Ceballos, Paula A. Meneses-Medina
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